Inverse Hyperbolic Functions

Calculation of inverse hyperbolic functions of given argument

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This calculator shows values of inverse hyperbolic functions of a given argument

PLANETCALC, Inverse Hyperbolic Functions

Inverse Hyperbolic Functions

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Areasine or inverse hyperbolic sine
Odd, continuously increasing function.

Areacosine or inverse hyperbolic cosine
\operatorname{Arch}x=\ln \left( x+\sqrt{x^{2}-1} \right)
Increasing function. Function is defined only for x greater or equal 1.

Areatangent or inverse hyperbolic tangent
Odd, continuously increasing function. Function is defined only for x greater then -1 and less then +1.

Areacotangent or inverse hyperbolic cotangent
Odd, continuously decreasing function.

Areasecant or inverse hyperbolic secant
Multivalued function

Areacosecant or inverse hyperbolic cosecant
\operatorname{Arcsch}x=\left\{\begin{array}{l}\ln\left(\frac{1-\sqrt{1+x^2}}{x}\right),\quad x<0 \\ \ln\left(\frac{1+\sqrt{1+x^2}}{x}\right),\quad x>0\end{array}\right
Odd decreasing function. Function is not defined for x = 0.

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PLANETCALC, Inverse Hyperbolic Functions