Humidification Load Calculator - Find the Perfect Humidifier

This online calculator calculates the humidification requirements for your space by determining the volume of air to be humidified and the amount of water to be added per hour, helping you choose the right humidifier.

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This online calculator is designed to help you choose the right humidifier by calculating the humidification requirements based on the initial and target relative humidity levels and building parameters. By determining the volume of air to be humidified and the amount of water to be added per hour, this calculator provides valuable insights into the necessary humidification load.

Traditionally, humidifier specifications mention the volume of air processed per hour, but this information is insufficient for making an informed decision. The true specification to consider is the speed of humidification, which indicates how much water the humidifier can add to the air within an hour. By measuring it or finding the manufacturer's specifications, you can ensure it meets your requirements.

Since your living space is not a vacuum and allows for air intake and exhaust, the calculator assumes an air change rate per hour (ACH) of 0.5, which translates to a complete air renewal every two hours. This value is commonly applicable for apartments.

The calculator performs two main calculations:

  • Volume of Air to Be Humidified: Based on the apartment volume and air changes per hour, it determines the volume of air replaced each hour that needs humidification.
  • Water to Be Added by the Humidifier: Using the temperature, initial relative humidity, and target relative humidity, it calculates the initial and target absolute humidity. The difference represents the moisture amount to be added per cubic meter, which is then multiplied by the volume of air to be humidified. This provides the total amount of water to be added to the air each hour.

With these calculations, you can evaluate if the humidifier's speed matches your requirements and make an informed decision. Explore the calculator below to simplify your humidifier selection process.

PLANETCALC, Humidification requirements

Humidification requirements

Digits after the decimal point: 3
Air volume per hour, cubic meters
Initial absolute humidity, kg/cubic meter
Target absolute humidity, kg/cubic meter
Water to be added each hour, kg/hour

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PLANETCALC, Humidification Load Calculator - Find the Perfect Humidifier