One-Variable Function Value Calculator

Calculate the values of a one-variable function by entering the function formula and a set of variable values.

Using the calculator

To calculate the values of a one-variable function, enter the function formula in the "One-variable function" field and a list of variable values separated by commas in the "Variable values separated by comma" field. Once you've entered the required values, click the "Calculate" button.
The calculator will display the mimetex notation of the entered formula and a table with two columns: "Value of x" and "Value of y", representing the calculated function values for each variable value. For more detailed information on expression syntax and available functions, refer to the section below.

PLANETCALC, Values of one-variable function

Values of one-variable function

Variable values separated by comma (use dot to denote decimal digits)
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Expression syntax and available functions

The calculator allows you to calculate the values of a one-variable function by providing the function formula and a set of variable values. The function formula can be entered using various mathematical operations, numeric constants, and predefined functions. The calculator supports common functions such as square root, exponentiation, logarithms, trigonometric functions, hyperbolic functions, and more.

In the function formula, you can use the variable "x" to represent the input values. The formula can include parentheses for grouping operations, the constant pi (π), the exponent (e), and the following operations: addition (+), subtraction (-), division (/), multiplication (*), and power (^).

You can utilize a wide range of predefined functions. These functions include square root (sqrt), exponentiation (exp), logarithms (lb, lg, ln, logp), trigonometric functions (sin, cos, tg, ctg, sec, cosec, arcsin, arccos, arctg, arcctg, arcsec, arccosec, versin, vercos, haversin, exsec, excsc), hyperbolic functions (sh, ch, th, cth, sech, csch), absolute value (abs), signum (sgn), and p-th root (rootp). These functions can be applied to the variable "x" within the function formula.

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PLANETCALC, One-Variable Function Value Calculator