Amount of timber for the house

This online calculator calculates the amount of timber needed to build a house not including a roof.

Here is the calculator that calculates the amount of material for building a house from profiled timber. The calculation is performed for the box of the house, which is specified by length and width in meters, as well as for all internal walls (if there is more than one internal wall, the sum of the lengths of all internal walls is entered).
N.B. The calculator does not take into account the organization of openings, as well as material consumption when joining logs to build walls longer than the length of the original timber. It is just a rough estimation based on dimensions of walls only, not including the roof.

PLANETCALC, Timber house - calculating the amount of timber

Timber house - calculating the amount of timber

Length in meters
Width in meters
Height in meters
Total length of additional walls in meters
Length of timber in meters
Timber width in cross-section
Timber height in cross-section in millimeters
Digits after the decimal point: 2
Quantity of timber in cubic meters
Quantity of timber in pieces
Height of walls in timbers

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PLANETCALC, Amount of timber for the house