One-variable function graph

This online calculator plots one-variable function graph given function formula and range of variable

This online calculator plots a one-variable function graph given the function formula and range of the variable. Function formula and range can be entered using an expression with math operations, numeric constants, and functions. For details of expression syntax, see below.

PLANETCALC, One-variable function graph

One-variable function graph

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Function graph
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In function notation you can use one variable (always use x), brackets, pi number (pi), exponent (e), operations: addition +, subtraction -, division /, multiplication *, power ^.

You can use following common functions:
sqrt - square root,
exp - power of exponent,
lb - logarithm to base 2,
lg - logarithm to base 10,
ln - logarithm to base e,
sin - sine,
cos - cosine,
tg - tangent,
ctg - cotangent,
sec - secant,
cosec - cosecant,
arcsin - arcsine,
arccos - arccosine,
arctg - arctangent,
arcctg - arccotangent,
arcsec - arcsecant,
arccosec - arccosecant,
versin - versien,
vercos - vercosine,
haversin - haversine,
exsec - exsecant,
excsc - excosecant,
sh - hyperbolic sine,
ch - hyperbolic cosine,
th - hyperbolic tangent,
cth - hyperbolic cotangent,
sech - hyperbolic secant,
csch - hyperbolic cosecant,
abs - module,
sgn - signum (sign),
logp - logarithm to base p, f.e. log7(x) - logarithm to base 7,
rootp - p-th root, f.e. root3(x) - cubic root

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PLANETCALC, One-variable function graph