Coptic calendar

These calculators convert dates between Gregorian and Coptic calendar systems.

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The Coptic (Egyptian) calendar is an evolution of the Ancient Egyptian Calendar. It has the same month structure (12 months of 30 days each) and differs by an additional day in the intercalary month. The additional day is added every 4 years, just like in Julian calendar. So the intercalary (13th) month consists of 5 days in an ordinary year and 6 days in a leap year.
The additional day was introduced by the Ptolemy III (Egyptian pharaoh 246-222 BCE) in 238 BCE, but it was sabotaged by priests and people and abandoned until 25 BCE.
The Coptic calendar has 7-day week since about 3 century CE, for thousands of years before the Egyptians used 10-days decades instead of weeks.1
The calendar is still used by the Coptic Orthodox Church and used by the farming populace in Egypt. Coptic years are counted from August 29th, 284 CE 2, the year Diocletian became Roman Emperor.
The calculator below converts a Coptic date to a Gregorian date.

PLANETCALC, Coptic date to Gregorian date

Coptic date to Gregorian date


The following calculator performs the inverse conversion from a Gregorian date to a Coptic calendar date.

PLANETCALC, Gregorian date to Coptic date

Gregorian date to Coptic date

Month name
Week day name

The Coptic calendar summary

Calendar type Solar
Place Egypt
Days in a year 365.25
Effective date 1st century CE
End date 19th century CE, still in use by the Coptic Orthodox Church
Epoch (Julian) August, 29th, 284
Month count 13
Days in a week 7
Days in a year 365, 366
Days in a month 30, 5, 6
Leap year every 4th year is leap
Previous calendar Ancient Egyptian Calendar
Next calendar Gregorian calendar

Month names 3

Month # Month name Days
1 Tut 30
2 Babah 30
3 Hatur 30
4 Kiahk 30
5 Tubah 30
6 Amshir 30
7 Baramhat 30
8 Baramudah 30
9 Bashans 30
10 Baounah 30
11 Abib 30
12 Misrah 30
13 Nissieh (The small month) 5 (6)

Week day names2

Day # Day name Gregorian calendar day name
1 Tkyriake Sunday
2 Pesnau Monday
3 Pshoment Tuesday
4 Peftoou Wednesday
5 Ptiou Thursday
6 Psoou Friday
7 Psabbaton Saturday

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