Permutations calculator

This online calculator generates all permutations for the specified set of elements. Note that the total number of permutations is the factorial of the number of elements in the set - for a large number of elements, the calculation will take a significant amount of time.

The calculator below generates all permutations for a given set of n elements. A permutation in combinatorics is an arrangement of set's members into a sequence or linear order without repetition. For example, for a set consisting of 3 elements - A, B, and C, one of the permutations will be the sequence CBA.

The number of all permutations for a set of n elements is n! (factorial of n):
P_n = n!
So the number of all permutations for the default data below - a set of five elements {A, B, C, D, E} - is 120 (five factorial).

Specify a set of elements in the calculator below and it will generate all permutations for that set. You can read more about permutations, as well as partial permutations and combinations at Combinatorics – combinations, arrangements and permutations.

PLANETCALC, Permutations calculator

Permutations calculator


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PLANETCALC, Permutations calculator