Area-to-Radius Calculator

This online calculator calculates the radius of a circle from the given area of a circle.

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I found that we still do not have a calculator that would calculate the radius of that circle based on the entered area of the circle.

The formula to calculate the area of a circle S is
S=\pi R^2
where π (pi) is a constant approximately equal to 3.14159, and R is the radius of the circle.

To find the radius of a circle from the given area, we can rearrange this formula as

To use this calculator, the user would input the area of the circle, and the calculator would output the radius of the circle. Please note that the units of measurement are not present - this is because the units you use define the result's units. For example, if 10582 is square kilometers, then the answer is 58,038 kilometers. If 10582 is square miles - then the answer is 58.038 miles.

PLANETCALC, Calculate radius from area

Calculate radius from area

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PLANETCALC, Area-to-Radius Calculator