Simple Interest Daily Rate
This calculator calculates the accreted amount given a number of days and simple interest rate. It uses three methods of calculations which differ from each other if the number of days is less than a year.
How many days are there between two dates?
This day calculator counts the number of days between two dates. It does not include the last day, so, there is 1 day between today and tomorrow, not 2.
How many workdays between two dates?
The calculator evaluates number of working days and holidays for a period of time. The calculator based on the U.S. federal holidays table recognised in most states.
How many weeks are between two dates?
This week calculator determines the number of weeks between the first date and second date.
Convert days to years, months, and days
This calculator converts a number of days to a number of years, months, and days in the month.
Date weeks out or before
This online calculator adds or subtracts given number of weeks to or from a given date.
Timeline Midnight Converter
This calculator accepts the length of a period, as well as the length of the whole timeline. It then converts the length of the period into minutes to midnight, related to the whole timeline as if it took place over the course of a single day.
Time to Earn Calculator: Calculate Work Hours for Desired Income
This online calculator helps estimate the duration required to earn a specific amount based on your hourly rate.
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