Simple Interest
Calculates simple interest
Simple Interest Daily Rate
This calculator calculates the accreted amount given a number of days and simple interest rate. It uses three methods of calculations which differ from each other if the number of days is less than a year.
Compound interest
This calculator computes compound interest
Interest on the deposit and inflation
Compound interest at a certain number of days
Effective interest rate
Compound interest deposit term calculator
This online calculator calculates the term needed to obtain the specified accrued amount with compound interest.
Compound interest rate calculator
This online calculator calculates the interest rate which is needed to get the given accrued amount in the given deposit term using compound interest
Compound interest including commissions on the loan amount
This online calculator determines the actual rate of a loan, taking into account a comission and one-time charges
Simple interest including commissions on the loan amount
Accounting for promissory notes at a complex discount rate
Annuity Calculator
This online calculator computes the annuity payment parameters, including the accreted amount and discounted value of rent.
Mortgage loan early repayment date
Calculates the repayment period of the mortgage loan with differentiated payments (Sberbank), depending on the size of the payment.
Effective Interest Rate Calculator
This calculator calculates the effective interest rate for a given nominal interest rate and compounding frequency.
Accrual-Based Compound Interest Calculator
Get a Detailed View of Your Compound Interest with Our Accrual-Based Calculator
Real interest rate using Fisher equation
This online calculator calculates real interest rate from nominal interest rate with adjustment for inflation using Fisher equation
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