It finds one variable function derivative. Step by step differentiation solution is also provided.
Solving limit problems using L'Hospital's Rule
Solving 0/0 and ∞/∞ limit problems using L'Hospital's Rule.
Second, third, and other derivatives
Evaluates first, second third and other derivatives of a single argument function
Derivative of a function raised to the power of itself
A function is raised to a degree of itself a given number of times and then the derivative is taken.
Linear approximation
This online calculator derives the formula for the linear approximation of a function near the given point, calculates approximated value and plots both the function and its approximation on the graph
Calculation of the derivative as a limit at a point
This online calculator performs а numerical differentiation - the approximate calculation of the derivative of a function at a given point. It calculates the derivative as a value of the limit at a given point by successive approximations until the specified accuracy is reached.
Calculating the partial derivative by its definition
This online calculator performs numerical differentiation of a function of several variables - the approximate calculation of all partial derivatives of a function at a given point - over all variables.
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