Bin packing problem
Calculator solves bin packing problem by different heuristic algorithms. Created at the request of the user.
Bin packing problem 2
Calculator solves bin packing problem with different heuristic algorithms and gives you a best. Created at the user's request.
Levenshtein Distance
This online calculator measures the Levenshtein distance between two strings.
Huffman coding
This online calculator generates Huffman coding based on a set of symbols and their probabilities. A brief description of Huffman coding is below the calculator.
Normally distributed random numbers generator
This online calculator uses the Box–Muller transform to generate a sequence of normally distributed random numbers from a source of uniformly distributed random numbers.
Tips and tricks #8: How to reuse existing calculator
This article describes process of reusing another calculator's logic (algorithm) in your calculator.
The area of a convex polygon from the coordinates of the vertices on the plane
This online calculator calculates the area of a convex polygon from the coordinates of the vertices. A convex polygon is built from the vertices using the Jarvis March Algorithm (or Gift Wrapping Algorithm)
Squarefree polynomial factorization
The calculator extracts square factors from the input polynomial.
Text compression using Huffman coding
This online calculator compresses entered text using Huffman coding. It also displays built Huffman codes for the reference.
Is a point in a triangle?
The calculator determines if an arbitrary point lies inside 2D triangle. The triangle is defined by 3 cartesian coordinate pairs.
Shannon Coding Calculator
Generate Shannon coding for a set of symbols based on their probabilities.
Shannon-Fano coding calculator
This online calculator generates Shannon-Fano coding based on a set of symbols and their probabilities
Polynomial power expansion
The calculator expands n-th power of a given polynomial.
Narayana Algorithm For Next Lexicographic Permutation
This online calculator implements Narayana algorithm to generate the next permutation in lexicographic order
Jarvis march
This online calculator computes the convex hull of a given set of points using Jarvis march algorithm, aka Gift wrapping algorithm
2D Bin Packing Problem Solver
This online calculator tries to solve an offline two-dimensional (2D) bin packing problem using Maximal Rectangles heuristic algorithm
This calculator compresses/decompresses a string using Lempel-Ziv-Welch (LZW) algorithm.
2D Strip Packing Problem Solution using Genetic Algorithm
Efficiently Solve the 2D Offline Strip Packing Problem with Our Genetic Algorithm Calculator
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