Handlebars Templates
Sandbox for experimenting with the Handlebars templating engine. Allows you to set a text template, JSON object and display the result processed by the handlebars js library
OpenOffice/LibreOffice document generator using Handlebars templates
This online generator allows you to upload a document template as an OpenOffice Document File (odt) file, with Handlebars templates included, and generate a final document based on the data entered in JSON format.
Generator of an OpenOffice document (odt) based on a template document and data from another document
This generator allows you to load an OpenOffice document with data, a document template, and generate a final document based on the data and the template. For example, a data document may contain a list of event attendees, a template document may contain an invitation card template, and the final document will contain invitation cards for all attendees from the list.
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