Ideal Weight Calculator
The Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator is used to calculate the ideal weight of an individual based on their height and weight.
The basal metabolic rate
This calculator computes BMR calories
Pounds to kilograms conversion and vice versa
This online calculator can be used for conversion of kilograms to pounds, ounces and grains as they are used in USA or UK.
Calculation of weight by volume
Calculating the weight by the volume of material with matter density reference book
Volume-to-Weight Converter
This online calculator calculates the weight of a substance based on its volume and density.
Puppy Weight Calculator for Medium, Large and Very Large Breeds
The calculator takes the age of a puppy in months and its breed, either medium, large, or very large, and calculates the recommended weight in kilograms and as a percentage of the adult dog's weight.
Shipment weight
Calculating the weight by the volume of shipment. Created by user's request.
Surface tension. Weight and volume of the drop of liquid
This online calculator calculates the weight and the volume of the drop given the surface tension, diameter of the capillary tube, and density of the liquid
Daily Calorie Rate
Calculator of the daily calorie rate, taking into account the level of physical activity.
How much does cash weigh?
The cache calculator gives the volume and weight of the cache in a currency.
Calculation of volume, weight or quantity of construction bars
This online calculator calculates the weight, cost, total length and other characteristics of construction bars.
Generator of combinations that satisfy a condition
For elements with weights this calculator can filter out all combinations where total weight is under the specified limit.
Calculate weights of the mixtures to get desired final mixture concentration
This online calculator calculates the weights of the input mixtures of given concentrations needed to get the given weight and the given concentration of the final mixture
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