Gaussian elimination
The calculator solves the systems of linear equations using the row reduction (Gaussian elimination) algorithm. The calculator produces step by step solution description.
Orthodox Easter date calculator
Using a modification of the Gauss algorithm to calculate Orthodox Easter date
The General Solution of a System of Linear Equations using Gaussian elimination
This online calculator solves a system of linear algebraic equations using the Gaussian elimination method. It produces the result whether you have a unique solution, an infinite number of solutions, or no solution. It also outputs the result in floating point and fraction format.
Chemical equation balancer
This online calculator balances equations of chemical reactions using algebraic method.
Gaussian elimination with fractions
This online calculator solves systems of linear equations using row reduction (Gaussian elimination) while retaining fractions on all calculation stages. At the end, it returns the results in two forms - as a floating point numbers and as a fractions (with numerator and denominator)
Determinant by Gaussian elimination
Finding matrix determinant using Gaussian elimination in complex, rational or real numbers.
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