Number of Days in a Year Calculator
Determine the number of days in a given year, taking into account leap years.
Julian days calculation
Calculation of the Julian day for a given date, plus some information.
Julian and Gregorian calendars
Julian and Gregorian calendars date conversion
Old Russian (Byzantine) system of chronology
Old Russian calendar - Years are counted since the creation of the world
Moon's age and phase calculation
The Muslim calendar. The Gregorian calendar conversion
The Muslim calendar. The Gregorian calendar conversion
Mayan calendar, 2012, the end of the world.
About 2012, the end of the world and Maya
Russian non-working days
The calculator displays official day offs for the current year and the weekends adjacent to them. The calculator takes into account weekends shifts according to Russian Federation Government Decrees.
Date and number of working days (for Russia)
Calculator calculates the date of the initial date and the number of working days. Taking into account weekends, holidays and weekend shifts at work days, according to the published decrees of the government of the Russian Federation. Created by user's request.
Russian Working Days Calculator
The Working Days Calculator calculates the number of working days between two entered dates, excluding weekends and holidays in accordance with the published decrees of the government of the Russian Federation.
Week Number Calculator
Calculate the week number of a given date using the Week Number Calculator. This versatile tool offers four different methods of calculation to determine the week number based on your preferences.
Orthodox Easter date calculator
Using a modification of the Gauss algorithm to calculate Orthodox Easter date
Area de la Sombra de un Objeto
El área de la sombra se refiere a la de un objeto cuadrado o rectangular.
Age Calculator
This online calculator determines the amount of time that has elapsed between a specific date and the current moment.
Date by the Julian Day Number
Displays Gregorian calendar date corresponding to Julian Day Number
Gregorian calendar. Julian calendar. The calendar eras.
The calculator converts Julian calendar date to Gregorian calendar date taking in account the calendar era.
Days between dates. The historical version.
Calculates number of days between two dates taking in account the date of transition to Gregorian calendar.
Days count in several date spans
The calculator gives total number of days in date span list. Each date span is defined by start date and end date. The calculator can exclude multiple date date span intersections.
How many workdays between two dates?
The calculator evaluates number of working days and holidays for a period of time. The calculator based on the U.S. federal holidays table recognised in most states.
Week days calculator
The calculator counts the number of week days between two selected dates.
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