Combinatorics – combinations, arrangements and permutations
This calculator calculates the number of combinations, arrangements and permutations for given n and m
Combinations generator
This combinations calculator generates all possible combinations of m elements from the set of n elements.
Factor Pairs Generator
This calculator generates all pairs of factors for given integer.
Combinatorics: Permutation Generator with Repetitions
Generate permutations with repetitions from n to m elements using this calculator for combinatorial analysis.
Combinatorics. Permutation generator from n to m without repetitions
Combinatorics. Permutation generator from n to m without repetitions
Making up words out of the syllables
Calculator sorts out all combinations of syllables to make words. English homework helper.
Permutations calculator
This online calculator generates all permutations for the specified set of elements. Note that the total number of permutations is the factorial of the number of elements in the set - for a large number of elements, the calculation will take a significant amount of time.
Selection of distribution
This calculator arranges a given set of numbers in an order in which all sums of some set of combinations fall within a given range.
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