Calculation of weight by volume
Calculating the weight by the volume of material with matter density reference book
Volume-to-Weight Converter
This online calculator calculates the weight of a substance based on its volume and density.
Weight-to-Volume Calculator
This calculator takes the weight of the substance in kilograms and allows you to choose the substance from a handbook of densities. It then calculates the volume of the substance and displays it in liters and cubic meters. Additionally, it shows the radius of the sphere in meters and the side of the cube in meters that the substance would form if it were compressed into those shapes.
Alcohol amount in the aqueous alcohol solution
Defines the mass and volume concentration of ethanol in the solution of two liquids with different levels of alcohol.
Surface tension. Weight and volume of the drop of liquid
This online calculator calculates the weight and the volume of the drop given the surface tension, diameter of the capillary tube, and density of the liquid
Density of oil
Recalculation of the density of oil for different temperature and pressure values. Formulas are taken from Russia's GOST R 8.610-2004. "State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements for the density of oil. The tables for recalculation" standard
Volume of body given the buoyant force
This calculator computes the volume of body given the buoyant force and density of the body, assuming that the buoyant force equals gravity force.
Wind Energy and Wind Power Calculator
Calculate the kinetic energy of wind and wind power based on given parameters.
Petroleum product density
Petroleum product density conversion, according to GOST 3900-85
Hydrostatic pressure
This online calculator can solve hydrostatic pressure problems by finding unknown values in the hydrostatic equation.
Percentage of metals in the alloy
This online calculator uses the characteristics of the alloy of two metals - mass and volume - to calculate the percentage of metals in the alloy based on their densities.
Density of air as a function of pressure and temperature
This online calculator calculates the air density value for a given pressure and temperature using the Mendeleev-Clapeyron equation for an ideal gas.
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