Hip roof calculator
This calculator will help you estimate hip roof parameters, including rafters and roof area
Flagstone Paving Calculator
This online calculator estimates number of flagstones needed for paving
Number of flagstones to units of area and vice versa
These calculators convert entered number of flagstones to area size and vice versa - calculate number of flagstones needed to cover entered ara size. Metric and imperial units are supported
Amount of timber for the house
This online calculator calculates the amount of timber needed to build a house not including a roof.
Calculation of volume, weight or quantity of construction bars
This online calculator calculates the weight, cost, total length and other characteristics of construction bars.
Equilibrium moisture content
The calculator gives the wood equilibrium moisture content by given temperature and relative humidity.
Walls volume
This construction calculator calculates volume of four walls of a rectangular building by building length, width, height and thickness of a walls
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